SampleSource Online Advertising Notice

SampleSource members seek out new and interesting products to try and they often take advantage of the special offers that come with them. SampleSource uses technology on our website to extend our member experience across our members’ experiences online.

Tailored Ads: When you browse sample offers on, we may use cookies and other similar technologies to help the brands with which you interact on our site deliver tailored offers to you on third-party websites and apps. Whenever a tailored ad is delivered to you based on your use of, our brand partners will provide you with notice indicating that the ad has been tailored, and they will also provide you with an ability to opt-out.

Opting-out: We recognize that not everyone likes to have their online ads tailored, so we provide you with an ability to opt-out. If you choose to opt-out, you may still see ads on third-party websites featuring some of the same brands you have seen on, but they will not be tailored based on your use of our website.

For additional information about cookies and the way in which SampleSource treats your personal information, see our Privacy Policy.